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One or more of the State University Libraries of Florida subscribes to the databases listed below which are not funded by the Florida Virtual Campus.For a list of databases funded or licensed by FLVC, please see FLVC Funded E-Resources.

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Library Funded E-Resources
Eresource Name
Group Deal?
ESG Manager on Campus: Business Involvement Screening ResearchInstitutional Shareholder Services (MSCI)---------SF--1
ProQuest Congressional Hearings Digital CollectionProQuest-----FS------1
"Through the Camera Lens": The Moving Picture World and the Silent Cinema Era, 1907-1927Gale---------SF--1
"We Were Prepared for the Possibility of Death": Freedom Riders in the South, 1961Gale---------SF--1
17th & 18th Century Burney Collection Newspapers Gale-----FS--NF---2
19th century British Library newspapersGale---------SF--1
19th Century British NewspapersGale--------NF---1
19th Century Collection Online (NCCO): British Theatre, Music, and LiteratureGale---------SF--1
19th Century English-Language Journals from the Far EastGale----FI-------1
19th century U.S. newspapersGale---------SFUF-2
19th Century UK Periodicals. Series 2: EmpireGale---------SF--1
ABC-CLIO eBooks ABC-CLIO---FA-----SF--2
ABI/INFORM GlobalProQuest----------UF-1
Abstracts in Social Gerontology EBSCO -CF------SF--2
Academic Search Complete EBSCO AM--FIFSGC-NF--WF6
Academic Search Premier EBSCO -CFFA-----SFUF-4
Academic Video OnlineAlexander Street Press-AM-FA--GC-----3
Access Engineering McGraw-Hill-AM----------1
Access Newspaper ArchiveDigital Microfilm Service----------UF-1
Access PhysiotherapyMcGraw-Hill------GC-----1
Access World News NewsBank ----FS--NF-UF-3
Access World News Research CollectionNewsBank-AM--FI-GC-----3
Accessible ArchivesAccessible Archives----FI---NF-UF-3
AccessMedicine McGraw-Hill-AMCMFAIMME---SMHC-7
AccessScience McGraw-Hill AM--FI-GC--SF--4
AccessUN NewsBank ---FI-----UF-2
Accounting & Tax Periodicals ProQuest ---FI------WF2
Accounting Research Manager (ARM) CCH --FA------UF-2
ACLS Humanities E-book ACLS -CFFAFI----SFUFWF6
ACP Journal Club Ovid --------SM--1
ACP Journal Club ACP -CF--ME------2
ACP Smart Medicine, Journal Club & AHFS DI EssentialsACP----IM-------1
ACS Directory of Graduate ResearchACS----------UF-1
ACS Legacy Archive ACS --FAFI-------2
Acta Sanctorum ProQuest ----FS------1
Advances in Biochemical Engineering, biotechnology Springer --------SF--1
Advances in Polymer Science Springer --------SF--1
African American ExperienceABC-CLIO-AM--FI-------2
African American History OnlineInfobase-AM----------1
African American Music Reference Alexander Street Press --FA--------1
African American NewspapersNewsBank - Readex Division-----------WF1
African American Newspapers (parts 1-12)Accessible Archives-AM----------1
African American Newspapers 1827-1998Readex---FAFIFS----UF-4
African American Newspapers: The 19th Century Accessible Archives AM--------UF-2
African American Newspapers: the 19th Century XI Accessible Archives AM----------1
African American Newspapers: the 19th Century XII Accessible Archives AM----------1
African American Studies Center OUP -----GC---UF-2
African Studies Companion Online Zell --------SF--1
African-American Poetry (1750-1900) ProQuest AM-------SFUF-3
Agriculture CollectionGale----------UF-1
AGU Digital LibraryAmerican Geophysical Union-----FS------1
AIAA Electronic Library - Meeting PapersAmerican Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics---------SFUF-2
Alexander Street Press VideosAlexander Street Press--CF---------1
Allen Mouse Brain AtlasIHS Data----IM-------1
Alt-HealthWatch EBSCO ---------UF-1
Alternative Press Index EBSCO--CF-FI-------2
Alternative Press Index ArchiveEBSCO----FI-------1
Aluka: Struggles for Freedom - Southern AfricaJSTOR----FI-------1
Aluka: World Heritage Sites - AfricaJSTOR----FI-------1
AMA FREIDAAmerican Medical Association----------UF-1
AMED (Allied and Complementary Medicine)Ovid--CM---------1
America's Historical News PapersNewsBank--------NF---1
American Accounting Association Journal Package AAA --FAFI-------2
American Bibliography of Slavic & Eastern European Studies AAASS ---------UF-1
American Chemical Society JournalsACS AMCFFAFIFSGC--SFUFWF9
American Chemical Society Web EditionsACS--------NF---1
American Civil War Letters and Diaries Alexander Street Press --FA--------1
American Consumer Culture: Market Research and American Business, 1935-1965Adam Matthew Digital---FA--------1
American Drama ProQuest --------SFUF-2
American Film Scripts Alexander Street Press -CF------SF--2
American Geophysical Union JournalsAmerican Geophysical Union----FI----SF--2
American GovernmentABC-CLIO----FI-------1
American HistoryABC-CLIO----FI-------1
American History in VideoAlexander Street Press--CFFAFI-------3
American History OnlineInfobase-AM----------1
American Indian ExperienceABC-CLIO------GC-----1
American Indian Movement and Native American Radicalism HostingGale----FI-------1
American Institute of Physics Journals AIP -CFFAFIFS---SFUF-6
American Mathematical Society Journals AMS -CFFAFIFS---SFUFWF7
American Meteorological Society JournalsAmerican Meteorological Society----FIFS------2
American Periodical Series Online, 1740-1900 ProQuest --FA-FSGC--SF--4
American PeriodicalsProQuest----------UF-1
American Physical Society Journals APS -CFFA-FS------3
American Physical Society Journals Legacy Content APS --FA--------1
American Poetry (1600-1900) ProQuest --------SFUF-2
American Slavery: A Composite Autobiography GreenwoodSOLINET AM----------1
American Society for Mechanical Engineers Journals ASME -CFFAFIFS----UFWF6
American Song Alexander Street Press --------SF--1
American State Papers 1789-1838 NewsBank - Readex Division -CF-FI---NFSF-WF5
American Theater in VideoAlexander Street Press----FI-------1
AMS Journals Online American Meteorological Society --------SF--1
Analytical Abstracts RSC -CF---------1
Annual Bibliography of English Language & Literature (1920-1999) ProQuest --------SFUF-2
Annual Reviews Annual Reviews AMCF-FIFS--NFSFUF-7
Annual Reviews Sciences Electronic Back Volume CollectionAnnual Reviews---FA--------1
AnthroSource American Anthropological Association ---FI----SF--2
AnthroSource Wiley -CF-------UF-2
AP Images Associated Press --------SFUF-2
AP Images EBSCO -CF-FI-------2
AP Multimedia ArchiveAssociated Press----------UF-1
AP Stylebook OnlineAssociated Press-AM----------1
AP Stylebooks OnlineAssociated Press------GC--SF--2
APA BooksAPA-----FS------1
APA Handbook of Industrial and Organizational PsychologyAPA---------SF--1
APA Handbooks in PsychologyAPA------GC-----1
APA PsycCritiquesAPA----------UFWF2
Arab-Israeli Relations, 1917-1970: The Middle East Online, Series 1Gale Group---FAFI-------2
ARBA (American Reference Books Annual) Online ARBA --------SF--1
Archive of Americana - African American Newspapers, 1827-1998NewsBank----FI-------1
Archive of Americana - American State Papers, 1789-1838NewsBank----FI-------1
Archive of Americana - Caribbean Newspapers, 1718-1876NewsBank----FI-------1
Archive of Americana - Hispanic American Newspapers, 1808-1980NewsBank----FI-------1
Archive of Americana - U.S. Congressional Serial Set, 1817 - 1994NewsBank----FI-------1
Archives FinderProQuest-----FS------1
Archives UnboundGale----------UF-1
ArchivesUSA ProQuest ---------UF-1
Archivision Digital Library Archivision --FA--------1
Aristoteles Latinus DatabaseBREPOLiS---FA--------1
Armed Conflict DatabaseTaylor & Francis--CF---------1
Art and Architecture CompleteEBSCO-AM----------1
Art and Architecture in VideoAlexander Street Press--CF---------1
Art Index Retrospective 1929-1984 EBSCO -CFFAFIFSGC---UF-6
Art SourceEBSCO--------NF---1
Arte Publico Hispanic Historical Collection: Series 1EBSCO--CF---------1
ArticleFirst OCLC ---------UF-1
Arts & Humanities Citation Index ISI -CFFAFI-----UF-4
Arts & Humanities Citation Index Thomson Reuters --------SF--1
ASABE Technical LibraryASABE----------UF-1
ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) JournalsASCE-----FS------1
ASCE Digital LibraryAmerican Society of Civil Engineers AMCFFAFI-----UF-5
ASCE Research Library ASCE AM-------SF--2
Asian American DramaAlexander Street Press--CFFA-FS------3
ASM Handbooks OnlineASM----------UF-1
ASTM Digital LibraryASTM----------UF-1
ASTM Standards Techstreet --FA--------1
ASTM Standards and Engineering Digital LibraryASTM--CF-FI-------2
ATLA Serials EBSCO --FAFI-------2
Atlas Systems Video Library TrainingAtlas Systems-----FS------1
Audit Analytics Ives Group, Inc --------SF--1
Balance of Payments IMF --------SF--1
Bates' Physical ExaminationWolters Kluwer----IM-------1
BBC Shakespeare PlaysAmbrose Video---FAFI-------2
BCC Research LibraryBCC Research-----FS----UF-2
Benezit Dictionary of ArtistsOxford University Press-----FS------1
Bible in English (990-1970) ProQuest --------SFUF-2
Bibliographie de Civilisation Médiévale BREPOLiS --------SF--1
Bibliographie der deutschen Sprach-und LiteraturwissenschaftHarrassowitz-----FS------1
Bibliographie der deutschen Sprach-und LiteraturwissenschaftUniversitatsbibliothek Frankfurt am Main----------UF-1
Bibliography of American Literature ProQuest --------SFUF-2
Bibliography of Asian StudiesAAS--CF--FS------2
Biochemistry, Genetics, & Molecular Biology Backfile Elsevier --FA--------1
Biographisch-bibliographisches KirschenlexikonHarrassowitz-----FS------1
Biography Index Past and PresentEBSCO----------UF-1
Biological Abstracts Thomson Reuters ----------WF1
Biological Abstracts EBSCO ---FI-------1
Biological Abstracts/RRMOVID--CF---------1
Biomedical Engineering Collection OneMorgan and Claypool----------HC-1
BioOne BioOneLyrasis -CF--FS---SFUF-4
BioOne CompleteBioOne---FA--------1
BioOne.1 BioOne -------NF---1
BIOSIS Citation IndexThomson---------SFUF-2
BIOSIS Previews Thomson ----FS------1
Birds of North America OnlineCornell Lab of Ornithology---FA--GC---UF-3
Black Drama, Second Edition Alexander Street Press FSU, USF through Lyrasis AMCFFA-FS---SF--5
Black Short Fiction & FolkloreAlexander Street Press --FAFI-------2
Black Studies Center ProQuest AM-FA------UF-3
Black Thought and Culture Alexander Street Press AM-FA--------2
Black Women Writers Alexander Street Press AM-FA--------2
Blackwell Reference Online: Business & Economics Blackwell --FA--------1
Bloombeg BNABloomberg-----FL------1
Bloomberg LawBloomberg-----FL------1
Blooms LiteratureFacts on File-AM----------1
BMJ Journals Online BMJ Publishing Group ---IMME------2
BNA Banking Report BNA AM----------1
BNA Core Plus with Tax Management Package BNA----FI-------1
BNA Criminal Law Report BNA AM----------1
BNA Environment & Safety Library BNA AM--------LL-2
BNA Labor and Employment Law Library BNA AM----------1
BNA Tax Management Portfolios BNA AM-FA------UF-3
BNA U.S. Law Week BNA AM----------1
Book Citation IndexThomas Reuters-----FS------1
Book Review Digest RetrospectiveEBSCO--CF---------1
Book Review Index PlusGale---------SF--1
Books 24x7Skillsoft----------UF-1
Books and AuthorsGale----------UF-1
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